Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

Yummy Land Apron by Aina

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Happy Sunday morning everyone!
Today I will write about my newest apron. I make this to participate at Indonesian Crafter Monthly Challenge, February, the theme is cupcake. I joining this community just about one month, but I really want be part of them. There are lots of great Indonesian Crafters and I happy that I can see their creations.

Yeah, I call this apron as Yummy Land Apron. Like I said before, the theme is cupcake. But I was cupcake apron before (remember my gift for my friend’s wedding?). So, I decided that I will make different cupcake apron. So this is it! I did hand stitch applique and I use cotton fabric. I sew a cupcake house, with ice creams trees, candy flower, dark chocolate gate, and white chocolate rock in front of the cupcake house. That’s why I call it as Yummy Land Apron. Hehehe… ^_^

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