Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Felt Dolls

Diposting oleh ainahafizah di 16.06

Hello, there are new felt dolls on Imero Hemo. J
Last Monday someone ask me to make her some felt dolls. I think that’s are her favorite Korean actor. And because I don’t have much interest about Korean, so I don’t really know about the actor that’s she talking about. I ever watch his drama about 4 years ago, when I’m in high school. But, that’s not enough reference. So, I ask many things to her.

So, this is the dolls.
After I finish make this, something bad happen. There are no one day shipment to her place. She need that dolls before this Friday. The fastest shipment needs two days. I’m really sorry and hope that she will receive that package on time before Friday. I’m really sorry for her.
The things that I learned is never accept request in a hurry. I’m a crafter, I need my mood to make things that pretty. And that needs time to think how to make the crafts pretty. Maybe I will make some rules on Imero Hemo about the time. Because I have some experiences that people asks me in a hurry. They ask me to make them crafts today then send tomorrow, of course I rejected those requests. Sorry, but I live in Martapura, South Borneo. There needs time to send packages to other island. That’s why I like sell the available crafts. Because I don’t make its in a hurry. Okay, this is precious experience.
I still felt guilty to her because of the shipment. I really hope she will receive my package on time, before Friday. Amin! J
Edited : Yasterday, I use tracking service and found that the package received at Thursday, 21 March, (3 pm).  Its before Friday. I hope thats true... :p

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