Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

Glasses Pouchs For Mom

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My second craft project today, glasses pouchs from cotton fabric for my mom. Hehe… ^_^
Alright, this morning, when I sew the baby bibs for my nephew, my mom come to see what I’m doing. Then she said, the fabric I use was cute. Then she wants me to sew a glasses pouch from that fabric for her. She means the cat fabric. I said I have two different colours, green and blue, so I asked her, which one she wants. Then, she said, make one for each colours. She wants use it for her glasses. Yeah, she said she was lazy to bring the glasses box because its too big to put inside her wallet. Sometimes, she just bring wallet (the big one) when she go out and she doesn’t want her glasses get scratch, so she need something to protect it. Yeah, that’s why she wants glasses pouch from fabric.

I need finish it quickly, because when I finish sewed the baby bibs, my mom asked me, did her glasses pouch finish yet? Oh God, its just about 15 minutes after she ordered me and I was not cut the fabric yet. Yeah, my mommy. Because she and my father need to go to their friend’s child wedding party and then to my brother and sister in law’s house, so I have time to finish her glasses pouch. Thanks God, it finish on time! And my mom likes it. Hehehe… ^_^

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