Senin, 03 Juni 2013

My First Doodle, Sweet Journey

Diposting oleh ainahafizah di 03.18

Doodling is so much fun!!! ^o^
Alright, lately I’m interested with doodles and want to try it. So, today I do it, doodling. Oh God, its look like my right brain shouts “Horray! I’m free!” since I start doodling until I finish it. Its just, what should I say, very free. I just let my right brain and my hand work. Yeah, since its my first time, sometimes I check doodles patterns or ideas on internet. But still its so much fun. My imagination looks like can’t stop. I stop when I must go out and pray Zuhur.
Wow, I really like doodle. I think I will make new doodles, soon. Hehehe… ^_^
See you next time!

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