Jumat, 21 Maret 2014

Mad Quotes

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Well, I was in bad mood that time and too lazy to draw a doodle. So I decide to took picture of a plain white paper. I edited it with my phone using cymera (an app that you can download on play store for android).
I’m honest while write this quote. Because I really do not like people who always ask other people to do what they want but never know ho to give in return. Yeah, actually if we give things to other people, its better if we forget it. When the right hand give, the left hand need not to know, right? But what if the same people always ask you to do or buy something for them but actually they can do it or buy it by theirself? Its annoying, right? Yeah, I have no problem if the one who asked were my parents or my brothers because I love them so much. Actually I love to give things to my friends or other people. Once or twice in a year is an okay, but what if they ask regularly? It’s really annoying! And the more annoying things is, as egoist person, they never know how to give in return.

The second one. I was mad to someone who stabbed me on the back. Twice. Yeah, twice! I was really nice to them but what they get me? A backstab. Yeah, that’s life. You can’t believe anyone. May be they think that I was a threat, so before I defeat them in a fair battle, they backstabbed me. I really disappointed. They made a mistake but I forgave it and give second chance. But unfortunately, they do not use it wisely. So, I’m sorry if I will ignore them in the future. I will not do revenge, because my God will not like it. But, in other hand, I’m not a really good people who has pure heart who always forgive people. So, I choose to ignore them. Just let’s see, what will they do to me? Do they still ask for help from me? Oh, I hope God protect me from people who has bad intentions to me. Amin!

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