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Recycle Cardboard Boxes

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Hello, long time no see!!! Hehehe… J
Actually I made this recycle craft project last week but because my internet wasn’t works so I can’t upload and write about it.
Alright, this craft project was a recycle one. I need some big boxes for storage (for my craft projects) but I was too lazy to spent lots of money to buy the cute paper boxes. Yeah, the cute paper boxes, especially the big one, each cost almost Rp 30.000,00. Yeah, the boxes are cute after all. The gift paper used is Sansan Wawa (a gift paper brand that known has cute design and good quality), and its more expensive than regular gift paper.
So, I took cardboard from big boxes that my father doesn’t need anymore and recycling it. The original boxes is very big and I want make the smaller one. So, I cut the cardboard. For the inside, I use white paper and for outside, I use gift paper. Actually I have Sansan Wawa gift paper but… errr… now, I just want to collect it because it has very cute and rare design, hehehe… :p. So, I just use regular gift paper that has cute design too but glossy.Why I choose glossy gift paper? Because its very easy to clean and not easily broken when I use a few water to clean it.
So, this are the result. Actually the small one was from shoe box. I just covering it with gift paper. I didn’t give those boxes some accessories because I need those boxes in a hurry. Hehehe… J

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