Sabtu, 17 Agustus 2013

Happy Independent Day

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Happy Independent Day, Indonesia!!! Oh and Happy Ied Mubarak too!!!
Sorry for long time no write here because I was sick and it was pretty bad. So for the same reason, I don’t make any craft project until now. I’m in lazy mood.
Today I just want to upload some photos that I took yesterday in front of my parents hause (when Independent day on 17th august). Actually I want took picture in the morning when our neighbour’s kids playing around the flag. Some of them act like they’re “Paskibra” and the others sing “Indonesia Raya”. Oh thats very cute. But when I want take a picture, my father said no, because the kids will run. So, I and my mom just smile while watching them. Oh yeah, that’s not my house (on the picture) because I took the picture while standing on our terrace.

Look at this spot, I sit here while took the photos.
Another photos.

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