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Felt CD Case with Pie Applique and Name Embroidery

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Hello, happy Sunday everyone! ^o^
Long time I don’t make some craft projects, because I was very lazy. Beside that, I was captivated by Shingeki no Kyojin and some doramas like The Queen’s Classroom, Q.E.D, and Don Quixote (all Japanese drama). So, I don’t do much crafting. But now, I’am back! ^o^
I’m back with my newest craft project. It’s a CD case that I make from felt. I make CD case because my old CD case already full. I make Pie applique and a handsew embroidery for my name on the back of CD case. For my name, I use Katakana (I don’t speak Japanese actually, I just looking for the letters from a book, hehehe). Its read Ainahafiza (without the last “h”) because the cd case doesn’t has enough space for me to sew the last “h” (or “ha” if I use Katakana) of my name L.
This CD case can contain about 10 CDs because in inside I use “kasa” fabric (I don’t know what people overseas call it, but the fabric look like dragnet or something like fabric for make tutu).
Alright, see you later on my newest craft project! J

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