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Tutorial Origami Bookmark

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Hey wake up, wake up!!! Its 07.15 am now!!! Eventhough today is Saturday and still fasting month (when almost people feel asleep in the morning), doesn’t mean we can being lazy and sleep all morning. Yeah, I actually don’t like to sleep at morning (except I really really feel asleep), because I usually have a nighmare. I don’t know why, but its true and some nighmare make me scared.
Alright, forget my mumbling. This morning I will upload a tutorial how to make an origami bookmark. Very easy actually. Yeah, sometimes we can forget something easy very fast, so I make this tutorial if one day I need it and too lazy to looking for tutorial on other blogs (hehehe :p ). Of course, this tutorial for you who need a simple bookmark too.

Here’s the tutorial. I use a gift paper that I cut about 3” x 3”.
Then fold it to a triangle.
Then fold it like this.
Open the fold then fold the paper to make a little triangle like this.
Then, fold other little triangle on the other side like this.
After that, fold like this.
Then finish! Horray! ^o^
Yeah, may be my instruction was suck and some of my picture were blur. But I hope you understand it. You can use it in the corner of the book that you read.
Alright, happy folding everyone and see you on next project!

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