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Dorama “Himitsu no Hanazono”

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I just finished watching dorama Himitsu no Hanazono and now I will write about my review or opinion about this dorama.
Himitsu no Hanazono is a dorama about a 28 years old woman name Tsukiyama Kayo who works as editor for manga magazine. The mangaka she handle is Yuriko Hanazono, who actually is four men and brothers. The four brothers are Wataru Kataoka (the eldest, 33 years old), Osamu Kataoka (second brother, 30 years old), Satoshi Kataoka (third brother, 27 years old), and Hinata Kataoka (youngest, 18 years old).

The things I I love about this dorama are:
1.      The theme about mangaka and the editor. This is the first time I watching a dorama about it. So I interested in it. Its fun to watch how those brothers react each other.
2.      Great actresses and actors. Oh, I love watching a dorama that the actors and actress playing perfectly. I look like watching a succed alive action of a manga. How they talk, how they walk, how they say something, how the surprised, its so… what should I say? Its very good. Oh I also like when the main dialogue is playing by two players but there are more than those two, the other players playing or acting something else. For example, when Osamu teach Kayo about tea ceremony, the 3 other brothers is also in that room, but they are busy with their own world/business. Its cute I think, because in the real world we aren’t a statue when other people talking, right? :p
3.      Pretty simple things of every characters. I mean every character has something unique about theirself. Its very refreshing when the actresses and actors can play that perfectly.
Some of the characters are,
a.       Kayo Tsukiyama
She is very pretty I think. I love her style, very fashionable I think. Yeah, I decide to watch this dorama after I see the main actress, if she is cute or pretty or unique, then I will continue to watch. Hehehe… :p
b.      Wataru Kataoka
Ah, he is the second consideration I will watch this dorama or not. I think he’s good looking and look mature. Yeah, perfect with the main actress (Kayo Tsukiyama). Wataru’s character is wise. Yeah, he’s the eldest by the way.
c.       Osamu Kataoka
I like this actor who plays as Osamu, because he’s really funny. He plays as Osamu perfectly. I also like when he play in dorama Team Medical Dragon. I really like when he acting or say weird things, he’s very expressive.
d.      Satoshi Kataoka
Wow, handsome I think. After see him on the opening song in first episode, I rethink, may be the pair is Kayo and Satoshi, not Kayo and Wataru, or may be it will be a triangle love between them. Then, there is. Its really triangle love.
I love Satoshi character’s, especially his good cooking. Its funny to see when Satoshi playing around with Osamu. Hehehe… :p
e.       Hinata Kataoka
Ah, the cutest and youngest brother of Kataoka family. He loves pudding and smart. Somehow he can sense if someone is good or bad people. Because he’s the youngest, sometimes he do what his older brothers told him. Its very cute actually… :p
f.       Kawamura Ryoko
She is my favorite character in this dorama. She really hates Yuriko Hanazono. She can’t married because her fiancé choose Yuriko Hanazono  over her. Ironically, she has a crush with  Satoshi  or Yuriko Hanazono. She is very funny, especially when she nervous and avoiding something with her laugh or when she has misunderstanding. She is very funny and pretty! ^o^
g.      Tanaka Ichiro
An editor who works with Yuriko Hanazono and the first one who find Kataoka brother’s talent. He has unique style I think, hehehe… :p
Beside those things that I love, there are also many things that confused me. Usually everything about flashback. I don’t know, I have wrong when translate the dialogue , or the translator have wrong when translate the Japanese into English (I watching a fansub one), or the story indeed weird about time of flashback. Okay I will tell you what things that confused me, they are:
1.      Hinata’s age. From the second episode, Hinata is 18 years old, but on the other episode (I forgot, maybe 10 or 11), Hinata baby comes 15 years ago. The Hinata baby looks like not more than 1 years old. So how old he is? Where is the gap? I mean 2-3 years of Hinata's age :p
2.      Since when Kataoka family were poor and since when they are rich? The case when Satoshi angry because Kayo’s word, Wataru and Osamu tells Kayo about their flashback, when they’re still a child and poor. Its about their early teenage. But in other flashback, about baby Hinata comes (Wataru in high school, Osamu junior school, and satoshi in elementary school) , the house or living room they had is good and looks like from rich family. Then, another flashback when those brothers remember about Tanaka-chan comes to their life, about 7 until 2 year ago, they still poor (they're adult, except Hinata). Then after became famous mangaka, they're rich. Do they poor then rich then poor then finally became rich again? Oh I confuse! ;p
But don’t worry, this dorama is still very fun watch. Its really refreshing to watch those brothers interact each other and how they love tease and make pranks to Kayo. Hehehe
Yosh, if you want to watch a family, humour, and a little romance drama, you can watch this Himitsu no Hanazono! Alright, enjoy your day! See ya ^o^

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