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Fabric Flowers : Crazy Rainbow Series

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Good evening, everyone! A week I’m not here. I think I’m not too productive writing here this month. But actually I still do crafting, almost everyday.
Today I will upload some cute fabric flowers that I made this week. Three of it just finished this morning. I make it into a series of fabric flowers and I call it as “Crazy Rainbow Series”. I have two reasons why I call it Crazy Rainbow. First, I inspirated by a song “Crazy Rainbow” that used as One Piece song’s (I don’t know, its opening or ending, because the song used when One Piece aired in Indonesia is usually the first song. I usually buy & read the manga). I like that song eventhough I don’t understand the lyric. Second reason, I usually use 3 different colours to make the fabric flowers.
Alright, this is the Crazy Rainbow Series :
I call this one as Warm Autumn because I use warm colours such as coral, deep berry, and yellow.
This is Sweet Spring, because I think pink, purple, and white are sweet together.
I make 2 of this that I call as Summer Candy. I like combination between soft green tosca, pink, and cream. Its like a candy. So I make 2 of it, but with different beads. One use silver and another use gold.
I have dress with pink and soft gray colours and I think its very cute together. So I make this Sweet Winter.
I take some fabrics then put it together. I try coral, purple, and pink together then make this cute fabric flowers that I call as Autumn Candy.
The last one but not actually the last one (I will make more) is Summer Sky. Yellow is sun representative, soft blue is the sky, and white is the clouds. Pretty, isn’t it?
It available on my Online Shop, just visit my Fanpage “Imero Hemo”. But, 2 of it already sold. But do not worry, another are still available and I will make more for Crazy Rainbow Series. So, visit my fanpage, okay? J

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