Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

Handmade Gift Tag

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Well, good Monday morning, everyone! Cheer up! ^o^
In this sunny morning I will upload my newest craft project that is a gift tag. Yeah, I’m not a scraphbooker so I do not have tools to make this tag properly. But, it’s not me if I give up, right? Hehehe… :p

I just use simple stuff to make this gift tag, such as hard paper for base, gift paper from Sansan Wawa ( I love gift paper from Sansan Wawa because the texture is good and the pattern is very pretty, yeah  eventhough it was more expensive than usual gift paper), fabrics for flowers and leaves, wool yarn for little branches, brown gingham ribbon, white lace, mote for decoration and flowers, gold ribbon, and soft brown powder for flowers. I will attach a note behind the gift tag so when I use it, I can write my message on it.

Alright, I want to go somewhere, so see you next time! ^o^

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