Rabu, 27 Agustus 2014

Bellflowers and Sweet Blossoms Brooches

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Good Morning, everyone!!! ^o^
Finally, I write over here again after a week. No, I’m not busy, just my notebook used by my little brother. Hehehe… :p
Alright, I have some new cute brooches for my online shop. When I doing the albums there, I checked which ones of my products that still available and sold out. I look a photo of a bellflowers brooches with soft colours (baby blue, pink, and tosca). But unfortunately, that brooches already sold out, so I think why not I make it again? Then, I make some new bellflowers brooches. I make some differences between the old one and the new one. I still use 3 different colours for each flower in a brooch. I put some gold beads below to add some glamour effect.
I also make other cute brooches. This is similar to my previous brooch that I called as Winter Breeze Blossom. I like that brooch, so I think why not I make in different colours? This time I use pink, white, ivory, and khaki. I love the result, what about you?
They’re available on my online shop, just looking for keyword Imero Hemo or press the logo on this blog, you can directly go to my online shop.

Alright, I need to do something. So, see you in next project! ^o^

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