Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

Needle Book

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Good evening, everyone!
Finally, I made it! Actually I need this needle book since long ago but just this time I can make it. I make it from felt. Alright, needle book that I made not for my needles. Yeah, you’re not wrong while reading my previous sentence. I do not use my needle book for my needles, but for my pins.
Like I wrote before, I need this needle book since long time ago, especially when I do traveling. I use hijab when I go out and I need some small pins to make my hijab so it looks good. So, when I have sleep over or traveling and take off my hijab (when I want to Shalat or sleep), I need place to put my small pins. Of course, sometimes I lost my small pins, so I need backup. I also need some hair rubbers as backup if I lost my hair tie. So, in this needle book, I make a pocket to put my hair rubbers.
In the end, I make this needle book suitable for my needs.
Yeah, I’m ready to go out! See you next time! ^o^

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