Rabu, 20 Agustus 2014

Sweet Brooches

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Hello, good morning, everyone!!! ^o^
Today I will write about my latest brooches. Actually I make those about a week ago, but do not have opportunity to write about it here.
You know, I’m not fan of blue (colour), so I seldom make fabric flower with blue fabric. I also do not have much of blue fabric. But, when I make a blue one, it sold quicker than other colours. Then, I though, why not I make a big brooch with this colour. Beside blue, I also use white. I called it as “Winter Breeze Blossom” because this fabric brooch has cold colours (white and blue). Yeah, eventhough I do not like blue, but I must say this brooch is very pretty.
I also make other fabric brooches, but it smaller than “Winter Breeze Blossom”. I use gold beads here so it look glamour.

If you interested with my fabric brooches, you can visit me on my fanpage “Imero Hemo”. Alright, see you next time! ^o^

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