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Behind Story Idaha Brooch Series

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Hello, happy weekend everyone!!! ^o^
Well, actually I want to write on this blog since last week, but I can't because I was so busy with life. Well, now I have the time~ ♡
This morning I will tell you the story behind one of my brooch series that Idaha. Last september, my mom sew couple dress for me and herself. I got the leftover fabric. So I decide to make new design of brooch. Then, this is it.

I call it Idaha because I use it for the first time when Eid Adha. Idaha is from word Eid Adha. Just to make memories, hehehe. I make 2 of it, one for me, and one for my mom. My mom wants it in different style, so I did what her wants, because I really love her and will do anything she likes (as long as I can do it, hehehe).
Then,because I thought it was cure, I decided to make the series for my shop, Imero Hemo. I just finished the series last Thursday.
Beside that, I also make some other brooches series.
Don't forget to visit my shop! Hehehe ^_^

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