Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

My Explanation and New Craft Project

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Hello, good morning! Happy weekend!
Well, if you read my blog because you like me as a crafter,  you must be wonder why suddenly I write about my other job. Yeah, I ever wrote that I'm a public health who work for government. But, I never said where are my work place. I have reasons for keep it a secret. But, I need to reveal it for now.
I doing a training and education program for government, from November 8 until Desember 16 2015. I hope it explains things for you, why I do this.
Well forget about that! I'm a moody person and now I've bad mood. So, I want to enjoy my day with things I love.
About 2 weeks ago, I finished this kind of brooch. I got the fabric that I made as bow from a lady who works at a hospital in my hometown. It is pretty cute. What do you thing???
By the way, it already available at Imero Hemo. I will make more of it because I love the design. Okay, see you!!!

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