Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

Dahlia Kanzashi

Diposting oleh ainahafizah di 01.30

Look at my new Kanzashi. What kind of flower that I make? Actually me myself don’t know, maybe it’s a dahlia. Yeah, alright, I will call it as Dahlia Kanzashi. Hehehe… :p
Actually I learn how to fold fabric to make morning glory or asagao petals, but I think the petals I make are small or something else that make me not confident to make a morning glory with it. So, I glue the petals to be a flower but I don’t know what flower. Yeah, I know I failed to make a morning glory kanzashi, but I think this kanzashi flower is cute. I put small beads on thin wire as another accessories on it. Ah, I also use a little wire (a bigger one than thin wire) on the back of flower so it looks good.

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