Sabtu, 28 April 2012

My First Fabric Sleep Mask

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I’m in the good mood now. I passed my first exam that make me stress for a long time. Then, I have times for crafting. So, here I am, crafting!!! XD
Long time ago, I was made some sleep masks for my brother from felt. But, now I learn to make sleep mask from fabric. I was blog walking and inspired by many crafter to make sleep mask. Then, I made my own sleep mask by handmade. This is the sleep mask. Its cute, isn’t it? Hehehe… J
Some of my friends interested on my handmade sleep mask. So, I will make some sleep masks then put them on Imero Room (my online shop), so they ready to adopt. Actually, this one already adopted by one of my friends who visit me today. She will go to Bali, so she need a sleep mask for her flight and ride. Enjoy your holiday, Girl!!! ^o^
Okay, see you! Enjoy your day and keep crafting! J

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renaldazwari-delmi mengatakan...

kalo dijual, buka toko online, bisa rame ne...

kalo perlu karyawan, call me ja..

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