Kamis, 25 April 2013

Paper Box For Imero Hemo Request Doll

Diposting oleh ainahafizah di 06.11

Well, another paper box! ^_^
This time I use ordinary white paper. On one side, its printed (because I used it for college), and the other is plain. Because I’m too lazy to throw out those papers (I have lots of used paper like this), so I reuse it. I know its not hard enought for a box, but its enough for my craft product box. Actually I use this as felt doll box. Hahaha…^_^
This felt doll requested by my juniors at college (you can read it in Imero Hemo's file, after this post about the doll). They want make a tool for health communication (counceling) about DHF, and I thought their target are elementary school students. That’s why the doll use elementary school uniform. I also make a mosquito felt doll (and because its big, I think its like a fly, hahaha).
Alright, see you and have a nice day! ^_^

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