Kamis, 11 April 2013

Easy Paper Box

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Alright! I’m in a hurry to make this paper boxes. Tomorrow, my friends will come and sleep over at my house for 2-3 days (we have a training at this weekend). So, I need some boxes for my craft stuff. Yeah, I don’t like people touch my craft stuff (the stuff only) and give comments. Because they will say “Oh, you have too much this, too much that, for what is this, what would you make with that, blablabla”. Me myself don’t know what should I do with those stuff. Ideas will come by itself, right? Hehehe… ^_^

But, I love if people’s comments on my crafts (the result), not the craft stuff that I have (hahaha…). Oh yeah, its very easy to make this paper box (boxes). I just need stuff like paper, gift paper, some fabric for flower, felt for leaves (on flower), lace, and glue, and for tools I just need a ruler, pencil, and scissor. Its very fun to make this!
Alright, see you next time! ^_^

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