Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Pecan Pie and Lime Cake from Felt

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Alright, this is my creation from felt after I playing Bakery Story on my tab. Yeah, I was bored, so I playing that. It was fun because the cakes and other sweet treat on that game were so cute. But, now I uninstalled it, because I need to save my battery. I need to take care of my lovely tab because its hard to save money until I can bought that. Ups, forget my rambling, hehehe… :p

So, there is pecan pie from Bakery Story (if I’m not wrong, the maker is TeamLava. Please correct me if I’m wrong). This pie is very cute, so I want to try make one from felt. Look at my pecan pie, hehehe… :p
And this is lime cake. Not exactly like lime cake from bakery story, because its difficult to make in this small felt cake. Hahaha…XD

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