Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

Sea and Ship Doodle

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This is how I spent my Saturday morning, doodling, reading manga, playing around with my tab, and listening music (actually I listening to One Piece’s songs). Yeah, it so fun!
I just use simple tools for my doodle, that were simple sketchbook, pencil, rubber eraser, bold pen (spidol), and ruler. I don’t know, I just want to doodling about a journey to a free world, because I feel disappointed with some people. Yeah, they fooled me. I was very kind to them, but look, what they did to me! The fooled me like I’m a clown to them and expect I never know what have they done behind my back. Ironically, they use innocent face in front of me and still want me to very kind to them. Yeah, they make me laugh.
This is the result of my anger, what do you think?
I never draw a ship (may be I ever, but in elementary school), so I need an example. Then I choose Sunny as my sample (Thousan Sunny, Straw Hat Pirate’s ship). I took one of my collection manga of One Piece that has Sunny inside it (The first time Sunny appeared). But in the end, I read it before I finish my doodle, lol ^o^. I also listening to One Piece’s songs because I like it so much!
Unfortunately, I got headache after I finish this doodle. I hope this doodle can bring my anger away. Oh forget my rambling, hahaha… ^o^
But, in the end, I'm being honest (to answer their questions and give them advise) and very nice to them. Aaaa, sometimes, I wonder with myself. It looks like my doodle ship brought my anger to the deep sea. Hahaha... XD

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