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Wedding Gift for My Friend

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Good Monday morning everyone! ^o^
This is my new craft project, apron for my friend’s wedding. My friend from junior school invited me to her wedding party, that yesterday at October 6th, Sunday. I made this apron about 3-4 days before her wedding party. I made it in a hurry but I hope it still looks good and pretty.

I made a wedding couple doll applique from felt, then sew it on the cotton fabric. I have fun while making that, because the bride is so pretty with its gown. I sew lace for it gown, its my favorite part, because it make the bride doll very pretty. For the groom, I made a mistake, I glue (actually I glue the felt on the cotton fabric so it doesn’t move then sew it) the suit to far so it make the groom doll looks fat, sorry, hehehe. For the bouquet and headpiece, I just glue the little flower corsage (remember,I don’t have enough time to make all of it handmade). I also sew a “Happy Wedding” on felt above those couple dolls, hehe… :p
Before I wrap the gift, I show this apron to my mom. She said the apron is too big. I explain to her, its big because my friend who is married has big body. She is bigger and taller than me.
Actually I want write a card with doodle, but I don’t have time for it, so I just take some decorated paper then write my message.
Then, its time to wrap the gift. I made a cute pink corsage from mirror fabric, shirt fabric, ribbon, felt, and beads. I also put a pin behind it, so she (my friend who married) can remove it then use it for something else. I wrap the gift with pink gift paper. I know, the pattern of the gift paper is weird. After I wrap it with paper gift, then I wrap it with mirror fabric then put the corsage on it.
I hope my friend like it. Hehehe…

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