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DIY Pencil Box

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Oh my God, how long I don't write a tutorial??
Okay, okay, this time I'll write a tutorial how to make a pencil box. Well, actually I want to do this since long time ago. Because I usually recycling things to make paper box and I want to people do recycle too. ^_^
Okay, let's start!
I use paper (used paper actually), cardboard (alsu used one), gift paper (I forgot to take picture of it), yarn, glitter ribbon, sateen ribbon, pen and ruler (to draw the box), scissor, glue gun, white glue/paper glue, match, fabric flower, lace,fabric leaves, and beads.
First, draw on paper. I draw 9cm x 9cm x 13cm. If you also use a used paper like me, use the good side for inside the box. Then, glue it to make a box.
Then, glue the cardboard on the box. Just draw the cardboard with the exact size. A square 9cm x 9cm and four 9cm x 13cm squares.
Next, covering the box with gift paper. Don't forget to use gift paper that has similar colour with the yarn.
Use white glue/ paper glue to glue the yarn on the box. Don't use too much glue, just use as much as you need. Left a little part on the top and bottom.
Then, glue sateen ribbon to the bottom. Burn the border of the ribbon.
Glue glitter ribbon on the top and bottom of the box. Use glue gun, because I think glitter ribbon is difficult to glue with other glue.
Last, decorate the box with lace, fabric leaves, fabric flower, beads, and ribbon.
I hope this tutorial helps you while making paper box. ^_^
Well, happy crafting and see you next time!!! ^o^

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