Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

Paper Wallet

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Finally, after two weeks don’t do crafting, today I make a simple paper wallet. My plan is I will use this paper wallet as my wallet bills. It has two pouchs inside, one pouch for shopping bills and another one is for bank bills. About a year ago, I collect those bills, because I think its fun to check out my shopping bills and my savings. And because my fabric pouch that I use as bills pouch is full, then I need a new one. So, I make this paper wallet. Yeah, I will save my old bills with the pouch (that fabric pouch).

I make this paper wallet from hard paper as basic and gift paper as cover. I use cute gift paper with cow pattern for outside and simple green gingham for inside. I also use a pink flower as decoration on the outside. Isn’t it cute? Hehehe.
Ah yeah, actually I don’t have certain activity this two weeks (my absent period for crafting). But, lately I addicted read online manga on internet, hehehe. Beside that I was busy studying because tomorrow I will take a TOEFL test. Wish me luck! ^o^

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