Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

Doodle Clock

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Well, good afternoon everyone!
Its hot today. The sky is clear and bright. Love it!
Ah yeah, this is my first doodle this year and I need a year to finish it. Hahaha! No, not a whole year actually, just from December 2013 until January 2014. If I’m not wrong, I start doodling this on middle of December. I want draw something with theme steampunk because I love steampunk art. I just draw the main idea, the clock, but I just doodling the numbers and 2 cicrles of it. Then I abandoned it because I’m was not in the mood anymore. So, yesterday I feel in the mood to finish it, but unfortunately I can do my idea. I can’t stop my hand from doodling flowers. So, this is the result.
I know, its far from steampunk. Maybe next time I will serious learn to doodling a steampunk theme. Eventhough this doodle is not like my first idea, but I still love it. I find the flower lace is very cute and I can use it later on my next doodle. Hehehe…^_^

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