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Wrap Gift with Kanzashi as Gift Topper

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Everyone must be very happy when they receive gift. Nowadays, not only the inside of gift box is important, but also the gift box itself, isn’t it? But sometime, the cute gift box is expensive, eventhough I know that the box can used repeatedly as treasure box, brooches box, money box, etc by the receiver.
This time I share easy ways to make gift looks cute. Just need a gift paper or plain coloured paper, ribbon, and fabric flower/paper flower/pompom. Wrap the gift with gift paper or plain paper then wrap it with ribbon. Then attach the flower (fabric,paper, or pompom its up to you). You can glue the flower (especially fabric flower) with brooch pin in the back, so the receiver can use it again. But please, don’t just glue it, because the receiver (may be) can’t use it again and just throw it to trash can. If you’re in lazy mood like me to glue the brooch pin, then use small pin to attach the flower. I use 6 small pins to attach the fabric flower. I use kanzashi flower, peony kanzashi, as gift topper. You can also make pompom as gift topper and it will turn out pretty cute. You can find tutorial how to make pompom from yarn on this blog (please looking for tutorial archive).
This is another way to wrap gift with very simple fabric flower.
By the way, I really love the gift with coral kanzashi and orange ribbon. I also love the hot pink ribbon. I also love the yellow gift paper. Errr, I think I like all of them. I love bright colours actually. Hahaha… ^o^

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