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How To Colouring with Crayon

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Happy Saturday everyone! ^o^
This morning I colouring a very simple doodle flower with crayon and I take some pictures while doing it. So, now I will tell you how I colouring with crayon. Ah yeah, I’m not art student nor have art education properly. I just love drawing simple things and sometimes colouring it. So, if my technique is wrong, then I’m sorry. Hehehe…
Alright, the stuff I use are crayons and tissue for colouring. I make bold line on the flower doodle that I will colouring.

First, I colouring the top of flower with bright colour, that is yellow. Then I use tissue to wipe the it down. You can see on the picture. The colour become soft and have gradation on white part.
Then I use soft colour that is lavender. Then I wipe it up to yellow part.
Third, I use deep colour that is violet on the bottom of flower. Then I wipe it up.
I draw a line with soft orange on top of flower, then wipe it down. So, I have a gradation on my flower.
I use deep coral colour on the pistils. I wipe it like a cycle, you can see the result on the picture.
For leaves, I use lime, green, and olive colours. First (on top of leaves) I use lime colour, then wipe it down. Then I use green, wipe it. Last, I use olive on the bottom and wipe it up.
For the stem, I use brown and deep brown.
Then finish!!!
Actually I ever read that if want to make gradation using crayon, use dark colour first then use soft colour above the dark colour. But I prefer use soft colour, wipe it, then use dark colour above it and wipe it too (like I do in this tutorial). I think whatever way you use as long as you like it and enjoy it, then why not? Hehehe… :p
Alright, see you next time and have a nice weekend! ^o^

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