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My Handmade Brooches and The Stories Behind

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Good Friday evening, everyone!!! ^o^
Sorry, I do not write over here more than 2 weeks. I was busy lately and because my laptop used by my little brother, so I can’t use it.
Lately, I just make brooches. Because my costumers asked for it. Oh yeah, I also make a brooches organizer for myself. I make it from ribbon, cardboard, and paper gift. I think some of my brooches were old, so I decide make some new ones. Maybe I will upload the brooches that I made for myself tomorrow. So be patient!

Oh yeah, I want to write 3 stories behind my brooches. Some funny and some annoying. First, I think I have someone who has same taste with me. Last time,  I missed  to make bellflowers, so I make it. Then about a week later, they also make the same kind of bellflower, just different in stuff and colours. Okay. But then, what they do next make me laugh. About 2 weeks ago I took a photo of  my new brooch and myself using it on my head (my hijab actually), you can read and see that photo in my previous blog post. Then, a week after that, they take the same kind of photo. Oh my God, its hilarious to have someone who has same taste at the same time, hihihi ^_^. But yeah, they have their own taste, so we're different on other things. Love it! ^o^
Next story. I have a copycat who duplicate my works. Wow, trust me, its very annoying. I work hard to looking for ideas and they just take it. I was upload 2 brooches (Pinky Blossom and Earth Blossom that you can find the picture in my previous blog post) on a craft group on facebook. The picture got more that 200 likes. Then the copycat comes to my shop and asked what stuff I used on my works (I think the copycat knows my shop because I told some people on that craft group about my online shop and I think the copycat come from that group because I ever saw their works over there), but I never answer it. Why? Because they asked on my shop. If they asked me on that crafter group, I would answer it. Then that copycat upload their work that duplicate my work on another craft group. May be they think I will not know, but unfortunately, I know. May be they afraid to upload their work on the same craft group where I posted it before. But actually, I ever posted that work of mine on the same group and I got about 20 likes, less or more, I forgot. The last time I on that craft group, their photo just got 2 likes (I don't go over there again so I don't know anymore). Maybe people on that craft group knows whose the first one that use that idea. In other hand, I think that I need to be more creative. But, I still do not like copycat!!!
I just got a message from my costumer a few minutes ago. My costumer asked me, if my work based on tutorial on youtube. No, I said no. The basic in in the book, but when arrange the flowers, everyone has their taste and every my works have my taste. My costumer told me that my newest work being duplicated again. Actually after I know my work being duplicated, I change the falls so its different with the other one that duplicated by them. But then, it being duplicated too. Now, I don't know will I make that design again or not. I just speechless. Actually I know the copycat. Their works are amazing and has their taste. Just look from their works, we can know, they use unique stuff and colours. I even like their works. But why??? Why they let their taste go down and use others taste??? I'm sorry for my harsh words here. 
I know, my works are bad or not good. Some people told me that and told me that I overreacted. I'm sorry. I just mad because I think much to make my work looks good but then being used by others without care. Me myself actually doing copycat, remember when I post about when I learn Tsumami Zaiku? But then I make other works with my taste. Oh yeah, I also wnat to say Thank You So Much to people who give me advice with kind words. I need learn more.
Last story, an annoying someone. Why I write they as “someone”??? Because until now, I don’t know what they are. First, they asked for my contact. I think they will buy my works. But then, I realize they’re the same person who asked my stuff that I used to make brooches some weeks ago on my shop (but I didn’t answer it). Then they send me some cropped/edited photos of my brooches and asked for price. I told them. But I feel something is not right, but I ignore it. Then, I upload my newest works on my shop. They came to me again. Same like before, they crop the picture and asked how to make the brooch. That time, I was mad (because of the copycat, the previous story). So, I wrote, “Exactly, what do you want??? You cropped my work to erase the sign of the original owner of the work and photo”. It was midnight. Then they wrote that they’re sorry. They didn’t want to steal it and they just want to resell it. But before they buy it from me as the original owner of the photo and work, they asked their costumer if their costumers want it or not. If their costumers want it, then they will buy it from me. But because I do not want to take a bussines with them, I just told them to go to a craft group where I told how to make the fabric flower they asked before. I think it doesn’t my fault I think that they will steal my photos and call it as their work (because they asked me how to make it, not asked for resell it). I don’t meant to say no to money, I just don’t feel comfortable with them, so I don’t want to take a bussines with them, I'm really sorry. Sorry! I was lost control that night and I also said sorry to them for my harsh words.
Oh yeah, Finally I make a tutorial how to make this Spiral Flower. Just click the next blog post, but I write it in Bahasa Indonesia. Why? Because I'm gamble many things in that tutorial.
Alright, before end this blog post, let’s think like this, “You come to a shop then ask them how to make and what stuff they use to make the product that the shop sells. Where is you manner???”.
Alright, I need to calm down. Write those stories make me feel uncomfortable.
Ah, yeah, this is my newest work. They’re available on my shop! ^o^

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