Sabtu, 06 September 2014


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Happy Sunday morning everyone!!! ^o^
A few days ago I went to Craft Shop and bought some fabrics. I just fallin in love with this yellow fabric and make it as clothes (inner clothes because I use cardigan over it). then I think why not I make a match brooch with it because I bought lots of this yellow fabric. So,this is it. I think I will make more like this so I can put it on Imero Hemo, but this one is mine! Hehehe
Ah, I just want to post this picture here. This is my newest Summer Candy Plum Blossom from Crazy Rainbow Series. I improve my skill to make this so it cuter than previous one. I make this because one of my costumer asked for it.
This is also a request from my other costumer. I make it from satin fabric. But I do not send it yet because I do not complete her request yet (she asked for 12 and I just finish 4 of it).
Alright, I do not have much time. So, see you next time!

Ah yeah, I do something lately, please pray for me so I can success doing this thing! Thank you so much! ^o^

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