Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Bon Voyage Series

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Alhamdulillah, finally I can make it! ^o^
Please welcome, my newest brooches series, Bon Voyage Series! Yeah, I’m very happy now, even my mom said that I looks busy with my own world. Same like Crazy Rainbow Series, Bon Voyage Series is inspirated by One Piece’s song. But this time, I’m not only use the title of the song as name of the brooch series, but also the colours that resembled each crew of Strawhat Pirate. I make 9 brooches for 9 crews. I know it is not perfect, but yeah, what can I say? I like it!
I make Bon Voyage Series to fulfill my ego. I really love One Piece by Oda-sensei and I got lot of inspirations from his work and those singers who sing for One Piece. Eventhough it available on my online shop, actually I don’t care if other people will like it or not. Because I make anything that I like.
By the way, this time, I like tassel. So I use tassel in Bon Voyage Series.

Okay, I need to cut some fabric. So, see you next time and good night!

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