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Red Velvet Kanzashi Series and Pink Chrysanthemum

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Good rainy Friday morning everyone! ^o^
Its really cold and I’m too lazy to take a bath yet. I think I need warm the water (to bath) before my flu become worse. But, before I do that, I will write some blogposts.
This time I make another kanzashi series that I call Red Velvet Kanzashi Series. Actually I don’t make it from velvet, just from soft shirt fabric. I call it red velvet because the colour looks very good (in my taste). This is a request from a costumer. She interested with Coral Kanzashi Series that I make before and wants 2 series, but just coral series that available. So, I make another series for her with her choice colours, deep red and pink.

I make 3 kanzashi flowers, that is plum blossom, peony, and chrysanthemum. But unfortunately, I ran out of red fabric. So, the chrysanthemum that I make was small, just 3 layers (usually I make 4 layers). So, I asked my costumer if she wants another colour, then she said pink.
This is the pink chrysanthemum. I just fallin in love with this pink chrysanthemum. Its very cute. Hehehe… ^_^
In the end, I hope she like it. ^o^

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