Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

Bills Storage

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Good rainy Wednesday morning everyone!!! ^o^
This morning I will upload my newest handmade storage. If you follow my blog, you must know that I collecting bills and sometimes make new storage or paper wallet for it. I don’t know, this time I just want to make a box for it, not a paper wallet or fabric wallet that I ever made.
I work hard to make it. My left brain was very lazy to work with my right brain. I do need both of my left and right brain to make my craft to make it effective and I need not to waste much stuff. But, finally, my left brain help my right brain to make it. Yeah, it pretty simple to make, but, when laziness comes, what could we do? For the topper, I use hard transparent plastic that I usually use when make box for my brooches.
Oh yeah, I also make those pretty fabric flowers as brooches. Please visit my online shop “Imero Hemo”.

Okay, see you next time. I need to do some chores. ^o^

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