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Pompom Yarn and My Rambling

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Good Monday morning, everyone!!! ^o^
This is my latest craft project, pompom topiary. Yeah, I do not finish it yet. I still need about 5 pompoms to make it like a ball. I choose green and yellow colours because I feel like it. Yeah, you know my favorite colour is yellow. I hope I can finish it soon.

By the way, I was bought a clay kit, but do not receive the package yet. Why? Because the courier from shipment company did not send it to me yet. The seller who I buy the clay kit from, send the package in Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning and I must receive the package at Friday. I checked the airway bill, the package already in Martapura at Friday, like I was predicted. I also predict that the courier shall say that he get lost while searching my home. Of course, I was right. In Saturday morning, about 10.25 am, the courier send me a text that tell me I got a package but he can’t find my home. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he won’t find my home if he just sit in his chair in his office, read my address then text me. Why I said like that? Because I got some packages before but the reason was same, can’t find my home, so I took those packages by myself from the office. The last time I took my package, I asked why they can’t find my home. You know the answer? “The courier already gone” and he laughing. What? if they do not have enough courier, why they can open a shipment office? Why they lie? Its annoying! So this time, I become egoist. I don’t want take the package by myself, eventhough I really want the caly kit in my hand already. Because next time when I shopping online, they can send the package to my home without lying anymore. So, last Saturday, the courier got panicked at my anger and said that he will send it if the day was not rain. But still I do not receive it yet until now, Monday morning. But, I also wrong, actually wrong person. The shipment office of JN* has 2 couriers. I usually meet the fat kurir while the small one was just sometime before he go to send the packages. The fat one was the one who lied to me while I never speak to the small one. You know who received my anger? The small one. Of course he got panicked. Actually, he said that he ever send a package to someone named Nurul near a dormitory. Yeah, I don’t know if it was Nurul Hikmah or Nurul Komariah, but both of them are my neighbor. So, I believe he can find my home. He also said, he looking for my home at Friday (same like the airway bill reported), but he can’t find my home. The question is why he didn’t text me or call me while he searching? So I can give him the right direction. Yeah, I will asked him today if I can meet him today, because I want to go somewhere today. Yeah, it is if I can got my package today.
Sorry for my stupid babble.
Okay, see you next time. I hope I can post about clay project next time. Bye!

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