Jumat, 09 Januari 2015

Reading Novel : Tokaido Inn

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I know its late, but Happy New Year 2015 everyone!!! ^o^
This is my first blog post this year and this about my old hobby, that is reading. I do not read a novel in a long time and this is the latest novel that I read. The title is “Tokaido Inn”. I bought it long time ago, a year and half if I do not wrong. But just now I read it.
The story is about a young boy who is brave and wants to be a samurai. I do not know much about Japan Culture about samurai, so sometimes I got confuse while read this novel. The things that I like is about honor, honor of Samurai. I think eventhough we’re not a samurai, but we must keep our honor. I meant, we must brave and honest. Because in modern life, many people do not have honor. Oh I forgot, I also love about their loyalty.

Ah, I want read another novel, but I do not have a new novel. I think I need to go to a book store.

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