Sabtu, 19 Desember 2015

Happy Sunday and Happy Crafting!!!

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Hello, happy sunday everyone!!! ^o^
Finally, I can crafting as much as my heart want to do. Actually I just photo shooting my new brooches series for Imero Hemo. But, before that I make a simple plastic pouch.
I just use a plastic and a zipper to make it. I just sew it then tadaaaaa!!!! A simple pouch for my toiletries (when I go out or traveling). I make it because I want to and I was too lazy to buy it from fancy store. Hahaha ^o^
Well, I was told by someone that I just need to buy things, not need to make everything by myself, especially recycling thing. I know, not everyone understand the value or handmade things, so I stop show it to them. It just waste my energy and time. Well, they can say what they want and I still do my hobby, that is crafting. Hahahaha ^o^
Well, see you in next project! ♡♡♡

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