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My First Patchwork Project That Finished

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Well, I’m very happy because finally I can make a patchwork project, eventhough I don’t know for what I make this form of patchwork. Actually I was dream about make a patchwork
Horray! Finally, I can sew a patchwork, eventhough I don’t know for what I make this form of patchwork. But, who’s care? I dream about making a patchwork since about six months ago. I really really want to learn about patchwork because its so beautiful. And I always wonder how people can makes breathtaking patchwork projects. And I want to be like them who can sew beautiful patchwork projects.

Alright, this is my first patchwork project that finished. Yeah, finished. Because I was try make a patchwork since months ago. I always make a plant to sew unique patchwork but unfortunately, I end up fail. But today, I let my self free. I just blogwalking, then read how people sew their patchwork projects, and then I try to sew like them. That’s why, in the end, I don’t know for what I make this kind of patchwork. Oh yeah, I sew my first patchwork project without sewing machine. Yeah, you know, I learn and this is my first. So, that’s is no problem with it.
Well, since I think I’, success make this patchwork, I make new patchwork project. I try to make a patchwork cushion. Wish I can make it. Look at this hint :
So, enjoy you day everyone! ^_^

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