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Tissue boxes : Felt Cake

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Hello, good morning and happy Monday! ^o^
Well, well, well… I’m back now! I can do my crafting projects again. Yasterday, I finished my newest craft, two felt cakes of tissue boxes. I made it for my big bro because he and her wife likes my tissue box (remember the yellow felt cake I was made?). I make two, because my mom wants to. So, I make the choco pink one and the blue one. I use brown and pink felt on the first tissue box because I have plenty felt of that colour. And I use the blue felt for the second one because its my big bro’s favorite colour. I’m happy, finally I can make those felt cakes. J

Okay, then my mom make three tissue boxes from paper. She wants me tom make another felt cake for her tissue boxes. Oh my God! You know, I’m bored to make lots of felt cakes. And worst, my mom want her tissue boxes have same colour as the others that I was made. Oh God! How boring! I need new colours! >_<
Well, may be next time I will upload my newest tissue boxes. Oh, I’m forget, my lil bro wants me to make new keychains for him. Which one I do first? My mom’s request or my lil bro’s request? J

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