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Cute Cupcake Apron for My Friend

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Oh, I confused what should I give to my friend for her wedding party! Pillow? I don’t have enought dacron. Blanket? I don’t have much fabrics to sew. Wall hanging? Errrr, I’m not sure. Coasters? Oh come on, people in here doesn’t like use coasters from fabric. Tote bag? Hmmm, I’m not sure she will use it. What about apron? Yeah, it’s a good idea.
Yeah, to make an apron I need much fabric. But fortunately, my mom gives me hot pink fabric so I can use it. I use one of my favorite fabric, ice cream fabric. Its very cute. Luckily, my said friend who has the wedding loves pink so much.

For accessories, I cut my collection of felt fabric and formed it as two yummy cupcakes. I hand sewing it. I’m afraid it will broken if I just glue it.
I also sew names and a hope for my friends on the felt fabric. Then I sew it on the cotton fabric (ice cream fabric). It her and her husband’s name.
Then I make ruffle on the bottom with hot pink fabric. And the last, I sew all part together, and finish!!!
I really hope my friend will love it. ^_^

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