Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

Wrap Gift by Aina

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A few days ago, my friend came to me and handed me some souvenirs. First, I’m confused. He and my other friends  had just returned from their holiday in Bali and Lombok. Then, he told me to wrap its into a beautiful. I just smiled, he really know how to use my passion of craft. The gifts will be given to our lecturer and guest of honor at our graduation.

So, this is it. Like my previous blog post, I tell you that I make some kanzashi flowers from crepe paper. I use those paper flowers to decorate those gifts. First, I used gift paper, but it not look nice when I decorate it. So I used simple paper, brown paper. Its pretty cheap actually, but it is not a problem. We can change something cheap to be something special. I not only use crepe paper, but also some pistils, little plastic butterflies, and leaves.
Here the details… ^o^

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