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Cute Flowers Wall Decor

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Happy lovely Sunday everyone!!! ^o^
Okay, today I will posting about my wall décor that I made yesterday. I love flower so much and because I extremely love yellow, I want make a sunflower from fabric, felt, yarn, or whatever as long as its sunflower. Why I obsessed with sunflower? Yeah, beside it is yellow, sunflower also give me an images of sweet stories. About a week ago, I read and watch a dounjinshi about my favorite character from a famous anime with theme himawari or sunflower, with great song about himawari, I just can said “Oh My God!”. Its really sad and sweet!!! I thing I forget to tell you, I love angst stories, that’s why I only write sad stories.

That’s the reason why I really want to make sunflowers. So, I decided to make wall décor with some colourfull handmade flowers. I made the flowers and leaves from cotton fabric, the rods and frame/border from felt, some beads, and gift paper as background. Its very easy to make. Then I stuck its on the wall.
Look the details… ^o^
My favorite, himawari

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