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Eiffel Theme Pins

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Alright, good Friday morning, everyone!
I’m still a little mad. Yeah, that’s me, altought I know I’m mad for a week. If I’m really mad or sad, I will not do anything, I don’t show tantrum, but I just keep silent. How long I’m being mute, that show how hurt I am. Ugh, why I talk a nonsense? Yeah, sometimes I’m crafting to release my feeling (beside writing). And this two cute pins are the result of my badmood.
Altought I making this two when I’m mad, I hope this cute pins doesn’t show how mad I am. Hehehe… :p
I have about 4 unused and still new plastic pins. I never use those pins because I’m not the one who confident to use pin with words (you know, teenager usually use this pin on their bags to show their feeling or what event/party they ever went). So, I decorate those new pins to this. I just use simple stuffs to make this. I use felt, lace, beads, yarn, glue, and of course the plastic pins itself. I choose Eiffel theme because I think its pretty cute. I make the Eiffel and word ‘Paris’ embroidery with handsew. And now they’re available on my online shop. Hohoho… ^o^
Alright, see you next time! I’m hope I will in the goodmood. Hahaha… ^o^

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