Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Mini Bunny Plushie

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Happy weekend everyone!!! ^o^
Actually I want to write this blog post since this morning, but I was chatting with my friend on facebook when both of use online. Usually my chat is off, because I do so. But, sometimes, my chat is on without I know. So, last night, my friend sent me a message. But because I was sleep and my phone was off, so I just read his message this morning. Then, when I’m online with my laptop, another friend sent me a message. Because I’m online and I want to talk to her, then we chatting for about 2 hours. She is one of my friends who know me, really know me. So, its fun to chat with her.
So, now I have the time to write this. This time I make a mini bunny plushie. For the inside, I don’t use dacron, but I use cutted felt (lots of small cutted felt). Yeah, I want do a recycle craft, then I make this. I use this as a mini pillow for my hand when I use laptop. Sometime, my elbow (right nor left) hurts when I do something to my laptop, especially when I watching anime, dorama, or movies. I usually use my hand to propped my head while watching those. So, this mini plushie is for my elbow pillow, so my elbow doesn’t need hurts anymore. Hehehew… :p
Alright, see you on the next project! ^o^

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