Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Sweet Lavender Kanzashi Series

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Lately, I’m addicted to make kanzashi flowers in series with same colours. Hehehe… ^_^
This is my newest kanzashi series that I call Sweet Lavender Kanzashi Series. I call it like that because the main colour (that is purple) is sweet and pretty. I make 3 kind of kanzashi flowers, that is hydrangea, morning glory, and iris.

This is my first time make hydrangea kanzashi. May be it similar to plum, the differences are there is just 4 petals and without leaves.
And this is also my first time make Iris Kanzashi. I know, it not similar to traditional one. I also do not use yellow because i ran out of that colour long time ago.
My second morning glory but first one with morning glory bouquet.

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