Jumat, 06 Desember 2013

Foxy Apron

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Good Saturday morning and happy weekend everyone! ^_^
Today I will write about my newest apron that I made yesterday. Yeah, yesterday and actually it finished just about some hours. Friday morning I cut felt to make the fox and flowers applique. After I take a bath then I handsew the applique. Actually I handsew all of it because I don’t brave enough to sew jeans with sewing machine. I’m afraid the machine will be broken.
Okay, this is the stuff I use. You can see it by yourself. If you read my previous blogpost you will notice that this is the second apron that I made to upcycle jeans. But there are some differences between them. You can see, this is my second jeans apron
And this is my frist one.
I really love the fox. Hehehe… ^_^

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