Sabtu, 21 Desember 2013

How To Sharpen Dull Scissor

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Happy weekend everyone! ^o^
I think old people always have their own ways to do their house chores in the past. Then I curious how old people sharpen their scissor, because I believe they will not throw something easily as trash. I asked my mom and she said that traditional barber usually cut the neck of glass bottle to sharpen their scissor. What? Really? Does it works?
Then I try to cut the neck of glass bottle about more than 5 minutes with my dull scissor. That scissor of mine was dull because I cut fabric, felt, paper, cardboard, tape, even thin wire with it, but I’m too lazy to buy new scissor, hehehe… :p
I didn’t know why (the scientific reason) but it works! My scissor became sharp again. Of course I was happy. If you try this, make sure to cut the glass bottle, not the other. In this picture, there’s something disturb the glass bottle neck, but I try to avoided it when I sharpened my scissor. I hope it works with your scissor too. Hehehe ^_^

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