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Coral Kanzashi Series : Plum, Chrysanthemum, and Peony

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Good evening everyone! ^o^
I just take my bath, then praying Maghrib, and now I laying lazily on my bed, turn on my fan and wait my long hair dry while I write this blogpost. What a wonderful evening (for me)! Hehehe… ^o^
Okay, look at my newest kanzashi flowers. Aren’t they pretty? Hehehe… ^_^
Yeah, this time I make some kanzashi flowers with coral colour. I just fallin in love with this colour when I went to a fabric shop then bought it without thinking anymore. Actually I bought 3 colours (all of them I use when I make these kanzashi flowers), that is coral, leaf green, and broken white. I just think how about I make some kanzashi flowers with this colours, and this is it, my coral kanzashi series!

This Plum kanzashi is the first flowers I make. I don’t have a sterofoam ball so I just make a small half ball with dacron that I covered with fabric (its light, not heavy at all). After I make plum flowers, I glue it to the half ball. I love the result because its pretty cute. Hehehe… ^_^
For me, this is a piece of hardwork. I think every petals of chrysanthemum kanzashi show hardwork that make the flower really pretty. I just fallin in love with chrysanthemum kanzashi and I will make more in the future. ^_^
The last one is peony kanzashi. I make this peony this morning. I don’t know, but lately I just feel bored making peony kanzashi. Maybe because I make this kind of kanzashi again and again for weeks. But, actually I love peony kanzashi. Peony is pretty and peony kanzashi usually used in march that is my birth month. I think I need to stop make peony kanzashi for a week or two, so when I make it again in the future, I can make a pretty one and won’t feel bored. Hehehe … ^_^

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