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Felt Pouches

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If you think I’m the one who make these cute felt pouches, then you’re absolutely wrong. Because the one who make these was my mom. Lately she loves make pouches from felt.
One day, she want a very simple pouch that similar to her old pouch that she usually bring to traditional market. Then she told me that she wants to make a felt pouch that the colours similar to my pouch (you can read my blogpost about my strawberry felt pouch). She take broken white and pink felt from my craft storage (because I use broken white and dirty pink on my strawberry pouch), but I told her to change pink with orchid (soft purple). She agree then she design and sew the pouch by herself.
The first felt pouch that she made was very cute. She loves combination between broken white and purple.

The second One, is pink and red. She wants make a pink one because she was inspirated by my CD case (you can read my blogpost about cd case with pie applique).
She became addicted making felt pouches. So, she make another felt pouches. I recommended the olive and brown felt because me myself really love the colour of olive felt and she (my mom) is fan of brown.

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