Sabtu, 11 April 2015

Eafleu and Moda Brooches

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Well, happy Sunday everyone!!! ^o^
I was busy lately because I need to go to my work place and it is so far from my house, but what could I do? God already decide everything for me and I hope it is the best for me. Amin! ^_^
So, because of that I didn’t have much time and energy to make some new projects, but I still do my best for this hobby of mine. Last week I made some cute brooches that I name “Eafleu”. I design it to use in the head. What do you think?

By the way, yesterday I went to Q-mall (at Banjarbaru) to shoping with my new friend. I bought an eyeliner, a set of concealer, blush on, and eye shadow from Wardah. Actually I also bought a pair of shoes. Sometime I feel guilty to spent money on something that not too important such as what I bought yesterday. But what could I do? I want to try natural make up with soft colours (I usually use dark colours such as black and deep purple). So, because I feel guilty,I think I need to finish my brooch project for this week. I call it as “Moda”. It will available on my online shop. You can go there if you want to buy them, hehehe ^_^

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Mysweet Ladyluck mengatakan...

berkunjung lagi, waaah ada kreasi baru yg cantik, mbak boleh tahu jenis kain yg digunakan? so cool ..:)

ainahafizah mengatakan...

Terimakasih sudah berkunjung lagi ^_^
Saya menggunakan kain satin mba ^_^

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